Six Basic Health Tips for Daily Life

in the past as well i shared with you some Important health tips for living a happy and healthy life away from Diseases. Today in this post i am going to share with you some basic health tips that you should apply in your daily life and in few days you will see its result as a healthier body, healthier mind and happiest life. so following are these Seven simple Health tips to apply in your daily life.

1 Try to Move More: you Should try to move more everyday. you can take part in Sports activities, going for walk, doing Exercise, Play a little with your kids, trim to lawn etc.
2 Leave Fatty Meals: This is very Important health tip for a Healthy body to leave Fatty Meal. Try to cut fat food as much as you can. Don,t eat burgers, meat etc too much.
3 Leave Smoking: If you smoke you are actually playing with your life. Give up smoking for a happy and healthy life. By smoking not only you are effecting your health but people sitting near you as well.
4 Do Daily Morning Walk: Daily Morning walk is very useful for you health. I have seen many people fit even age of 80, 90 just because they take daily morning walk.
5 Try to reduce your stress: Stress is also a killer of health so you should try different ways to reduce it. Watch funny movies, offer Prayer Salaah, Smile more etc.
6 Clean your teeth Regularly: Recent Research tell that Health of Teeth also effects health of other parts of body. So try to keep your teeth healthy by cleaning them regularly and not eating harmful things for teeth.

So these are Six basic Health tips i wanted to share with you. Apply these tips in your daily life for a healthy and happy life. I hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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