Importance of Cleanness for Health

The Topic in which i am going to write today is a Topic on which you would have listen and read almost thousand of times because it is a very important topic and all of us keep on listening and reading on different places and from different people. The Topic of today  is Importance of Cleanness for our health and staying away from the many types of the diseases with help of it. Following i am will be sharing some tips with you about the Cleanness.

The first rule for keeping the cleanness is taking the bath regularly. You are Kid, Young or a old man taking Bath once a day is very Important for the cleanness of your body. in Summer nothing gives more power to your body than taking bath with the Cold water.  The Second rule for the Cleanness after bath is Cleanness of Body Skin. Try to use good Soaps and Shampoo for the Cleanness of Body and the Hairs. The next rule for cleanness is washing your hand many times specially before eating the food. Many diseases just comes due to eating with dirty hands that are having the Germs. the next rule is specially for the Women and it is keeping your Home Clean. keep every Room from Drawing room to Bath room clean for good health. So these are some basic rules for keeping the cleanness. follow these rules to have good health free of diseases. I hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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