Depressed People Likes To Watch More TV

Its an Old Research that more use of TV and Computer causes Depression in a person but according to a latest research the Depressed People likes to watch more TV which increases their Depression even more specially if they watch Sad news like of Killings, Bomb Blasts etc. a Person who don,t have Depression likes to spend his more time with Friends and relatives and likes to go out instead of sitting in front of TV most the time while the Depressed People Keeps on sitting for many hours daily in Front of TV.

The Research also says that most of such people also don,t want to a specific program but keeps on changing the Channels with TV Remote which show the Depression of their mind. In reality even when such people are sitting in front of TV they keeps on thinking about their difficulties mostly while other people thinks that they are watching the TV.  The Research says that Depressed people wants 35% more TV as compare to a normal person. If you are also a addict of TV or Computer try to reduce their use and go out to meet your friends and relatives. When a Depressed person watches TV for several hours daily it increases many other diseases in him and his Depression keeps on increasing instead of ending. Also try to not see the Sad Programs like News about Killings but try to see Funny things on your TV.
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