Fast Food Not Good For Health

Almost from last two decade the Fast Food has got so much popularity around the Globe which it never got before it. Specially the Millions of youngsters are just crazy about the Fast food. I live in Lahore and here lots of Fast Food points exists which remains full of people specially of youngsters. The Problem is that most of these people don,t understand the demerits of Fast Food to our health and many don,t leave it even after knowing its demerits because it is very much tasty.

According to Health Experts  the chances of Cancer are more than double in those people who eats fast food. it is also important to note here that these are bad effects of Fast food on our health due to which Health Experts also calls in Junk Food. According to latest report published by Archives of Internal medicine those people who eat Fast Food to often, Do Smoking, Drinks or don,t move to often such people can be caught in many diseases such as Cancer and diseases of heart due to which they can even die. Those people who remains away from Fast Food and take proper care of their health remains save from such big diseases. We must remember that the Food made in home is the best food and it saves us from many types of diseases. If you are a Parent please keep an eye on what your Kid is eating? If he has become an addict to Fast Food help him to leave it.
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