Mobile Phone Can Cause Ears Diseases

Today Billions of People around the Globe are using Mobile Phones and it is become the requirement of every person in his daily life. From Kid to Old People every person has his own Mobile Phone in a Home. Companies like Apple, HTC, Motorola and Nokia are bringing amazing Mobile Phones every week which is attracting the people all around the Globe. But do you know that where Mobile Phone has lot of advantages it also has many Disadvantages as well?  Excessive use of mobile can take to towards Ear Disorder‎. It can cause many Ear Diseases and effect your capability of listening.

Recently a Research has been done in Australia about effects of Mobile Phone on human health. According to this research people who are regularly using Mobile Phones from four years 1/7 of these people are having different Ear diseases like Ear Pain or Listening problems. According to this report those people who uses Mobile Phone more than ten minutes a day can be effected. Excessive use of Mobile Phone also causes other types of Problems like Heart diseases, Eye Diseases, Mind Diseases. Those People who uses Mobile Phone too much remains in Mind Pressure and their Sleep is also effected.  I Live in Pakistan and here many Youngsters keeps on using Mobile Phones whole night in Chatting. Many Night Packages are available here on which they have to pay very less amount of money. Government and Parents need to play role on this issue to save Youngsters from these diseases that Excessive use of Mobile Phone causes. Everyone Should try to use the Mobile Phone Minimum to protect the health.
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