Importance of Milk for your Health

Milk is one of the greatest blessings that is given to Humans by Nature. Milk is considered a complete and great food. People is past used Milk and things made by it most of the time like cheese, Butter in subcontinent. So according to research of Health experts the secret behind long ages and good healths of people of subcontinent in past was use of Milk. A American Doctor has said that if someone will ask from me that which is the only food that gives power to kids and helps in their growth? Which is the food that gives power to body and mind of youngsters? Which is the food that helps body in fighting against diseases? My Answer will be only one that is Milk.

Milk is proved a complete food from latest scientific researchers. All the important elements that are needed for body are in Milk. Milk has hundreds of benefits to our bodies, Health and Mind. Specially the milk of Cow and Goat has many benefits. The milk of cow keeps the stomach system of old people and kids strong. Most of the people drinks milk while sleeping but its not the correct time of drinking it. The correct time of drinking milk is in morning. Remember to not include too much sugar in milk and don,t use it with Meat. So if you are not drinking milk start drinking it from today. Must drink at least one Glass daily. If your Kids don,t like milk include Millo or Nedo in it to make it tasty and then give it to them.  I hoope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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