Over 23% Computer users having Eyes diseases

Computer is one of the greatest invention of last few years and it has made work of months possible in few hours. After Computer invention of Internet made use of Computer even more exciting, informative and useful. Computer and Internet users are increasing in thousands everyday. Same way Internet Users are also increasing daily. When a thing has benefits mostly it also have some bad effects as well. According to a report issued by Health Experts of US more than 23% Computer users are having Eyes diseases or going to have eye diseases in future.

 Health Expert has said that while using computer by watching Monitor screen our eyes are effected so its better to read a Paper by printing on paper instead of on Monitor screen. If you will use computer much your eyes will start suffering. At present in Eye clinics over 23% Patients comes that uses Computer too much. Health Experts says that by using Computer several hours our eyes infection starts increasing and if this process continues our eyes starts facing diseases. So use Computer less and give proper break in computer use instead of using it continuously for several hours. I myself having eyes problem due to too much computer use so i advice you to use computer less and give break in using computer. I hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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