Women cares more about Weight instead of Health

A report is published Recently in United States in which it is told that Lage number of Women Cares more about her Weight instead of Health. The report is made with help of new associated press and a famous website of women after doing a Survey. According to report not only Fat women but also normal size women cares more about their weight instead of Health.

More than one thousand women taken part in this Survey and 1/3 women said that we are not happy with our Body size. Due to these concerns of Weight and fatness these women do many things in name of Dieting which effects their health and in such women diseases of Heart can also be increased. according to another report more than 40% women always keeps this concern whether their Weight is increasing but they never thinks that is their Health ok? It is also said in the report that most of women don,t do Exercises for good health but they do it to keep themselves Smart and to reduce their weight. one of the major reason of this condition of women that they care more about weight and smartness as compare to Health is impact of Media. Internet, TV and Magazines brain washes women and tries to sell their products in name of Beauty, Smartness and beauty. I hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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