Drinking More water don,t reduce Fatness

According to a Latest Research done in US Drinking More water don,t help you in anyway in reducing the fatness of your body and the people who drinks around 8 glasses of Water during dieting are just wasting their time. A large no. of people have this misconception that drinking more water helps in reducing the fatness but from this research its prove wrong however drinking more water has many other benefits to your health and body.

According this research if you want to remove fatness you must eat those things that are having more water like Fruits, Vegetables and rice instead of drinking more water. Researchers done Experiment on one thousand women by giving them more water during dieting but it not reduced their fatness but the women who eat those foods that are having more water their fatness was reduced. during the research it was also seen how much Exercise is done by these women. So if you are looking to reduce your fatness eat those foods that are having more water instead of drinking more water for purpose of reducing fatness. I hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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