Salad Brings Back the Energy of Your Body

Salad is usually made of different Vegetables by cutting them in different styles. it is eaten almost in every country of the world specially in the Asian countries. There are hundreds of different types of Salad from which people chooses according to their taste. Usually Salad is eaten with food in most of houses in dinner. My Mother also gives me Salad with food once a day.

As we know that there are many benefits of eating Vegetables so naturally Salad is also good for our health because it is also made of Vegetables and bring back the lost energy of our body. Specially those people who eats less Vegetable in food they must eat Salad regularly. Salad is very important for those people who eats more meat. Different type of Salad has different benefits to human health and body. Salad of  Onions, Carrots, Gobhi helps in bringing back the energy of our body. They also gives freshness to our bodies. Eating Tomato increases the blood of our body. So you should choose the Salad according to your taste and body requirements. Try to eat less Salad in season of Rain otherwise it can be harmful.
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