More Food not less Exercise reason of Fatness in Kids

Which Parents not want their Kids to be healthy and ahead from others in every field of life? To Keep our Kids Healthy we need to give special Importance to them and look after what and how much they eat and what are their daily activities? One of the problem that can effect the health of your Kid is Fatness. Many people thinks that the major reason due to which their Kids become Fat is not or doing less Exercise. But the real reason behind the Fatness of Kids is eating more food.

Fatness can be really harmful for the health of Kids if it is not controlled. Many People have misconception that the fatness of their Kid will end automatically when he will grow up but it is not the reality. latest report famous Childhood Magazine says that the main reason behind fatness of Kids is eating more food and Exercise not effects much the fatness of Kids. Many Kids keeps on eating every time different things due to which they becomes fat. Fatness not only effects health but creates many other problems for the Kids. The Kids starts feeling shame in sitting with other smart kids and it also makes him slow. So we need to take close look at what our Kids are eating? I hope that my post was useful for all.
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