Anger Seriously Effects The Health

In appropriate situations it is very common to get angry to a Limit and it is not much harmful for the health because its natural according to health experts. but on other hand chronic anger is very very dangerous for our health. It not only effects our health but it creates many other problems such as effecting relations with others and Reducing age.  The most common Health problems that Anger can cause are Heart Diseases, Harming the Body, diabetes, fall of hairs, Depression etc. There are many other Health problems as well caused by just anger.

In today's fast world where lots of people faces lots of Financial problems and many other Social problems getting angry is more possible than in the past. We can see this is our Society that how often people gets angry and perhaps we ourselves are also facing this problem of getting angry. People that gets angry too early are also not liked by the society and people likes to stay away from such people. we need to bring habit of controlling our anger in us. it can be difficult at start but when you will try to control your anger regularly but soon you will be able to do it easily.  you must have often see that those Kids becomes angry too early that are from such families where there is lot of punitive blaming and anger exists in elders of family.  So Conditions of a family also brings Habit of anger in Young Kids.  According to Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Saw real brave is not that who defeats other in Wrestling but real brave is that which controls his anger and forgives others.  So we must try to control our anger maximum and try to remove those problems that causes anger in us.
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