Excessive Use of Mobile Can Causes Several Type Diseases

Use of Mobile Phone has taken shape of a Disease specially in Subcontinent Pakistan and India where Youngsters spends several hours  in Texting, Talking and Surfing the Internet on their  Mobile Phone.  Different Telecom Operators are offering cheap packages to compete with other Operators due to which youngsters gets chance to text and talk in less money. Many Night Packages are also offered due to which Youngsters keeps on using their Mobiles whole night. If we talk about Mobile Companies they are also offering new Phones on cheap rates every week. Using is a Mobile is not wrong but Excessive Use of Phone is wrong and can Causes Several Type Diseases which i am going to discuss below shortly.

First of all Excessive Use of Mobile  effects the Sleep of Youngsters and he he can suffer from stress and disrupted sleep. A very dangerous disease which use of Cell Phone can cause is Sartan. Sartan can be caused because Energy of Radio Frequency comes out of Phone. its also increases the Tinnitus Risk.  In May 2010 a report was issued in which it was claimed that it can even cause Brain Cancer. From above mentioned diseases you can understand that how dangerous it can be to do Excessive Use of Mobile. One disease i forgot to mention above was Eyes Problems which even i suffered for using too much Mobile several years back.  So Don,t Use Mobile Phone too much except when it is necessary.
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