Fruits & Vegetable Reduces Death Rate

Fruits and Vegetables are a great gift of God to mankind that have thousands of types and they grows on field and contains millions of benefits for human healths and body.  Mango to Apple and Onions to Carrots all have massive benefits for our healths.  Do you know that Fruits & Vegetable also Reduces down the Death Rate.

Eating more Fruits & Vegetable save humans from life taking diseases like Cancer, Heart diseases and reduces down the death rate.  One of the thing that many Vegetables and Fruits contains is Fiber and it also plays major role in saving the lives. Thousands of of lives can be saved from using more fiber. So every human should make Fruits and Vegetable an important part of his food and don't forget to use them along with meat as well.  Orange contains lot of Fiber so also try to eat this fruit more.
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