Rectal Bleeding Causes and Treatment

Rectal Bleeding means arrival of Blood from the Anus. The Blood can be only few drops or more. Seeing Blood In toilet first time can be really shocking for anyone but you don't need to shocked. In most of the cases the reason of Rectal Bleeding are not very dangerous. However it can also be dangerous in some cases and if happening regularly. The two main reasons of Rectal Bleeding can be hemorrhoids or rectal fissure.

if Rectal Bleeding takes place only once or two times than you don't need to worry or go to doctor but if it becomes continues than you must Immediately contact a a physician. some of the simple steps you can take to get rid of Rectal Bleeding are following.

1 Try to drink maximum water from 9 to 10 Glasses everyday.
2 Try ointments.
3 Remember to wash area around the anus.
4 try to spend less time on toilet.
5 take more fiber in your food.
6 Ice packs can also be used on Anus.
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