Tea Coffee & Cola Harmful In Pregnancy Can Harm Kid

A Girl Or A Women That Will Give Birth To Kids in Future It is very important for her to take care of her health because her Health is not jut her but also of her future kid that will come in this world later on. Her Good or Bad Health and the Food that she eats will also effect her Future Kid. A Women That is Healthful and Takes Proper food normally her kids will also healthful and Kids of Unhealthy women that not eats right Food may have Unhealthy and Weak Kids.  Recently in a post i wrote about Demerits of Fast Food in which i also told you that Fast Food will also effect your next generation.

Now According to a latest research Pregnant  Females that Uses things like  Tea, Coffee and Cola that are full of Caffeine there Kids can be Weaker and less in Weight as compare to other Kids. on other hands those women that uses Tea, Coffee, Cola etc less there Kids will be healthful normally. Drinks full of  Caffeine can be harmful for the Pregnant Women. So If you are your any Known Person is Pregnant advice her to use less Caffeine  containing drinks during Pregnancy Period to get a Healthy Kid.
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