Weeping Is Good For Health

I Think No Human has ever came to this world who has not weeped at least once in his life. All of us weeps in times of sorrows and sometimes even in happiness. Many People Weeps when they are alone to reduce the weight of their hearts.  Many of you would be surprised to know that in a latest research it has been found that weeping is very good for human health.  Health Experts says that Weeping is very Important for the human health.

According to report published in Independent Newspaper a research is done in University of Minnesota in US. it is found that water that normally comes in our eyes is very different from the tears that comes in eyes due to emotions. Tears that comes in eyes due to any tension or shock contains such Material due to falling of which the  weight from our heart reduces and a person starts feeling  easy.  Those people that never weeps they fails to feel the strength of their emotions.  So it is not bad to weep sometime and infect it makes us feel  a little better. If tears don,t come in youe eyes even in very strong shock or tension then you should contact a doctor about it.
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