Most Important Tips To Live Healthy Life in New Year 2011

First of all a happy new year to all of you reading this article. The new year 2011 has started last week and life goes on for all of us. i have brought some very important tips that can help you in living a healthy life in this new year.  by following these simple but important tips you can have a healthy body and protected from dangerous diseases. so here are these Tips that you have to follow.

1 Try to move as much as you can. don't continuously sit for many hours on Computer or TV instead of moving.
2 Try to drink as much water as you can. our body contains lot of water and it also need lot of more water.
3 Next you need to take proper complete Sleep. Try to sleep at least 8 hours in the night.
4 Regularly do different exercise for healthy body and good health.
5 Try to eat as much fruits as you can.
6 Try to eat more Vegetables instead of Meat and Fast food.
7 Try to stay happy, learn to smile, learn to forgive.
8 Try to spend more time in fresh air, also try to sit under Natural light of Sun for sometime.
9 Try to use less Oily and Spicy foods.
10 Quit alcohol and smoking.
11 Try to eat Salad with Food.
12 Drinking fresh Juice is also good for health.
13 try to clean your teeth twice a day. also clean tongue and teeth from inside.
14 Body Cleanness is also important for good health.
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