Signs of Depression In a Person

Depression is one of the most common disease of today's fast world whose rate has increase rapidly in last few decades.  The bad thing is that many people don't even consider Depression a diseases and don't do anything for its cure. you must remember that it can be really fatal if it is not treated for long time and can even take a person towards Suicide.  You will have to first understand that whether you are suffering from depression or not? and if yes then you will have to know why? after founding out the reason you will have to solve this reason.  Some common reasons of Depression are going through a big tragedy in life, staying alone mostly, using Computer for too long regularly. Following i am going to share major signs of Depression. If these Signs exists in you then go for Cure now.

1 Sometimes thinking about doing Suicide or wishing in heart to end the life.
2 Facing long term digestive diseases which also not ends by taking medicine.
3 Sleeping for many hours around 12 hours or on opposite side not even completing required sleep.
4 Eating more than need.
5 Can't remember details of a thing and can;t concentrate on things rightly.
6 Interesting in hobbies ends and you like to spend time alone.
7 Feeling of tiredness to often.
8 Lot of Sensitivity in Emotions.
9 Feeling that you are worthless and Underconfident.
10 Feeling Painin different parts of body.
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