Americans believes that chocolate can reduce symptoms of PMS

Women all over the world can claim that chocolate has medicinal properties. After all, the candy during PMS seems to be able to calm some symptoms that affect their day to day. And now there's another excuse to open a bar: a U.S. company launched CocoPMS Confections Xan, dark chocolate truffles that promise to reduce the effects of TPM due to anti-inflammatory compounds and bilberry chasteberry that are part of their formula.

According to information released by the Daily Mail on Monday (18), chocolate helps reduce headaches and cramps. "We are excited about the possibility of appeal to this niche market with a healthy chocolate, high quality," said Susan Johnson, director of the company.

Despite being "free of guilt", chocolate from TPM weighs in your pocket, since it can cost between 7.50 to 30 pounds (somewhere between R and R $ 19.10 $ 76.40).

Researchers estimate that one in three women suffer from premenstrual tension up to two weeks before menstruation. The problem is caused by the change in levels of the hormone progesterone and brings varied symptoms such as cramping, bloating, fatigue and emotional disorders.

The Xan Confections chocolate has other remedies, such as CocoHeart, which promises to keep the heart healthy and CocoPreggers aimed at pregnant women and enriched with folic acid.
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