Harms of Natural juices and other drinks

Natural juices and other drinks can sabotage your efforts to streamline the silhouette. The good thing is that, knowing this, it is easier to escape this trap.

Do you avoid thinking that the sandwich may be too hot. Look to the side and asks an orange juice. Oops, the option is not the most accurate for those who are fighting against the scales - for starters, the two choices have the same amount of calories. And the juice can be more misleading ... The information came from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who recently released the results of a study on the supply of 810 adults between 25 and 79 years in the United States.

Over a year and a half, the volunteers were monitored in two stages, lasting six months each. In the first, had to remove one drink with sugar per day, was a juice or a soda. Second, cut a portion of the daily intake of solid food with the same caloric value of the liquid.

Conclusion: The fluid restriction did lose more weight than solids. Pound against 100 grams in the period. The reason is simple for the nutritionist Helena Novareti, Federal University of São Paulo: "Dieters better control the consumption of pasta, meat and snacks." The heavy drinking going on just because it is digested faster and therefore the feeling of hunger back soon. In the case of solid items, what counts most in your favor is chewing. It is during this process that the feeling of fullness is already being produced.

A common mistake is to think that replacing soda or juice industrialized by a natural fruit juice will address the amount of calories. Unfortunately, it will not. "Although much more healthy fruits also have their sugar, and thus gain weight. The trick is not to exaggerate the natural juices account that you have taken within the recommended intake of fruits for three days," says Helen. An orange, for example, already has three parts (see infographic "The fruit has")

For those who are thinking of opting for diet drinks, light or zero attention. "They have higher levels of sweeteners and preservatives very high. And contain phosphorus, which competes with calcium, making this important keeper of the bones is not absorbed," explains Adriana Passos, a nutritionist at the Catholic University of Campinas, in São Paulo.

The trick to freshen up without guilt is to give preference to juice a lemon or passion fruit mixed with a glass of water. Another suggestion is to mix and thin flavored water with a slice of pineapple. In this case, the variation in fruit helps to not get sick of flavors. Plus, if you switch the drink with fresh fruit, ensure more nutrients. "It's just that, beating the fruit in a liquid indicator, the fibers are important in weight management, blood glucose, cholesterol and bowel function, are lost," explains nutritionist Rachel Dammous of São Paulo.

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