Dangers of Fast Food

The advent of fast food, which is now called junk food, is under criticism from medical circles from many years. Despite of all the criticism and allegations, fast food companies are opening their branches everywhere around the globe and their business is getting beneficial for them.

According to a report published in Archives of pediatrics and adolescent medicine, there are tv commercials which advertise harmful edible things and kids are attracted to them.  In elders, junk food target health more easily that’s why is adverse affects can be seen in them fast. But in kids, the adverse affects of junk food cannot be seen early until kids gain weight and become obese. ]fast food does not only increase weight but also is proven as one of the reason of slow mental growth and health in kids.

According to a news, the top 17 leading food and beverages companies of world has promised that they will make the quality of those products better which are for kids up to 12 years of age. But this is not what is needed. The need of the hour is to stand up against fast food. Junk food is harmful because it contains very high amount of cholesterol which gathers in veins and causes un necessary and un wanted weight gain. This weight gain is not just weight gain, but it causes heart diseases, disease related to brain and abdomen.

According to some studies, to prepare tasty fast food many animals are killed in such a way that humans cannot see that. KFC kills so many geese every years to get fatty liver by force-feeding it. In this cruel process many geese die in such a state that food still comes out of their mouths. So, dangers of junk food are not limited to humans only.

Many medical researches on fast food has revealed that kids get attracted to fast food and like its taste, so it becomes their habit to satisfy their hunger with this kind of food only. This food only fills their stomach for some time. With the passage of time, their stomach grows abnormally and thus kids become target of obesity in their tender age.

It is fast food which is the major cause of many stomach diseases. With this kind of intake, stomach starts aching, its internal lining is damaged and it ultimately turns into cancer. Cancer of small and large intestine is also caused by fast food.

When fat level increases in blood, this harms not only other parts of body but brain as well. This is one reason why children become less active and dull. These are few reason among the huge list, which tel us how dangerous it is to eat junk food.
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