Dangers of Obesity

Too much weight is not good for health. The more fats in take makes person obese and opens gates for so many diseases. Obesity means so much extra fat on body. The standard BMI (body mass index) chart suggests how much weight should a body bear with how much height. When one goes beyond the standard BMI he starts putting on extra weight which ultimately becomes obesity.

The main causes of obesity are

Too much calorie intake than the body actually needs
no physical exercise
eating same food for long
remain in the same place for long i.e.  same routine.

these are some of the eating or living habits which cause obesity there are few other reasons which cause obesity and people do not figure them out until it is late.

Eating habits of childhood
Nature of job

These are few things which make people fat and they don’t even realize it. Life has become fast, people want to earn more they want to elevate their social status, so they take tension. It is now proven in medical science that tension stimulates some hormones in body which cause weight gain instead of weight loss.

Obesity is not merely weight gain but it itself is a disease and root cause of many other disease, from cholesterol o cancers of different type. Main and most common problems which an obese person experiences are;

Hyper tention
High blood pressure
Heart diseases
Some types of cancer

With the increase of weight, the unfriendly fats increase too, when they increase, they cause the cholesterol levels to be increased as well which causes heart trouble. When fat starts increasing, sometimes it gathers at some places and disrupts the usual working of organs which gradually convert into cancers.

High blood pressure does not only affects heart but it is also dangerous of the blood flow system because when veins start running more blood the chances of brain hemorrhage increase, thus with obesity comes many other problems. Keeping healthy diet and healthy life style prevents from such diseases.
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