Make up can harm your Skin in Heat

Women do Make up to look beautiful and attractive but large number of women don,t understand that where Make up helps you in looking beautiful it can also create Health problems or harm your Skin as well. in Heat using too much make up can also be harmful for your skin specially going out in heat under sun rays by doing make up can effect your skin. according to Skin Experts Sun rays are themselves harmful for skin but in Make up this harm increases even more.

Large number of cosmetic companies claims that their products claims Sun Block and other Chemicals that protects skin from Sun rays harm but in reality its not the truth. Although Sun Block in these products have some benefit but Chemicals in them are also harmful. These Products effects the Natural oiliness of the skin due to which its ends on your skin and your skin starts looking bad. if you really want to be beautiful save your skin from heat and sun rays in Summer Weather and don,t waste your money in products. some other factors like Food, water and sleep also effects your skin so you also need to take care of them. I hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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