Save yourself from Fatness after marriage

My today's Post is interesting but really an Important one for your Health. You would have often see that many new couples gets Fat after getting  married. Do you ever thought why it happens? The reason behind their fatness is too much eating. After marriage wife tries to make lot of good food and dishes for the husband and after eating them Husband becomes fat. It also becomes difficult for wife to stay away from that food so she also eats it and becomes fat. the fashion of fast food is popular these days and newly married couple mostly tries to go to Restaurants which also causes fatness.

After marriage new couples are also invited on food by different friends and relatives which also increases fatness of wife and husband. Many Couples leaves doing daily Exercise after marriage because they have no time which is another reason of causing fatness. The last reason which i would like to discuss which increases fatness of husband is that they becomes restful after marriage because wife is their to do the works which they themselves where doing before marriage so its also causes Fatness. So all these reason are causes of Fatness after marriage. if you are newly married or has plans to marriage keep these points in mind and eat less. also continue to take daily exercise. otherwise get ready to become fat and ill. I hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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