Drink Water First After Getting Up in Morning

Water is one of the biggest Blessings For the Creator by God that is used for thousands of different purposes in our daily Lives. From Use to end thirst to use in Making Foods and from use to take bath to use in Making Medicines Water proves itself as a Blessing For all Living Creators specially humans. Many People Might not know that water is also very useful in many Diseases for Humans. According to latest report of Japanese Medical Society drinking water after getting up is morning protects us from many kids of diseases.

Drinking water in morning after getting up from sleep is proved helpful in many Complex diseases. It helps us in almost 100 major diseases in which Head pain, Heart Problems, Heart beat problems, Fatness problems, T.B, Fever, Stomach Problems, Eyes Problems and many other diseases are included.  Drinking water with empty Belly in morning has proved very useful in all of these diseases. For this purpose after getting up in morning and before cleaning your teeth you must drink 4 Glasses of water daily. If you cannot drink 4 Glasses try to drink as much water as you can. After it clean your teeth and don,t eat anything for 45 minutes. Then you can do your normal breakfast.  In Japan its very common to drink water after getting up in morning and we see its results as Japanese people are very healthful and having longer lives.  Its a very simple thing that you have to do that is also free of cost so regularly drink water in morning.
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