Smiling More Is Secret Of Long Life

Smiling is a thing that is Free of Cost but it has hundred type of benefits on our Health and Life. If i start counting the benefits of Smiling more they will be in hundreds but today i will be talking about only few. According to Health Experts Smiling more is the secret of long healthful life. Smiling not only makes your Mood good but also increases your life.

According to Unique type of Research by State University People Who Smiles more their Life increases almost 7 to 8 years. They kept the check on different Baseball Players who Smiles More and they found that these people have better health and bigger Life.  In the Research it is also said that Fake Smile is not as Beneficial as the real smile.  Smiling More reduces the chances of  dangerous Diseases like Heart attack very much.  Smiling also reduces your tension and makes you Relax that is very good for your health. Many Doctors have advised the Depressed people to watch Funny Movies and Funny Programs more because it will make them smile more which will reduce their Depression. If we talk about other benefits of Smiling People loves those people on whose Face Smile remains while People stay away from angry people.So Try to stay Happy and Smiling as much as you can for good health and long life.
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