Eyesight Improvement Tips

Eyes are one of the most Important Blessings of God on Humans and Living Creators with whom we can see everything that is around us. The Importance of Eyes can only be asked by a Blind person who suffers every Moment of his life for not having the Eyes. All of us gets Eyes only once with our Birth so it is very important for us to take care of Eyes to save them from Diseases and keeping their Eyesight good. Today i have brought a very good Method for you by using whom you can Improve your weaken Eyesight. This Tip is very good for those people who wears Glasses due to their Weak Eyesight and suffers in their lives. By Following these Tips your Eyesight will recover Slowly. So Here are some tips For Eyesight Improvement.

Take a White Paper and make two Round Circles on it. In One Circle Fill Red Color while Second Fill Blue Color. Now Fit That Paper on a Paperboard and hang it on wall on height that is straight to your sitting Position 5 to 6 Feet away. Everyday you will have to see both Circles 10,10 Minutes without Closing your eyes. First Watch One Circle For 10 Minutes and After it watch Second Circle Ten Minutes. Don,t Close Your Eyes while Watching the Circles. You Will have to do it Regularly everyday for 180 days in which your Eyesight will completely Recover. After starting doing this very soon you will start getting results. Another work you have to do is to see Rays at Morning that comes few minutes before Sun Rise.  After Sun rise don,t see its Rays.  So You will have to do these Two Works and your Eyesight Will Recover for sure completely in 180 Days. After it there will be no need of Wearing Glasses Every time and Your Eyesight will be like a Person that has completely Healthful Eyes. These are Easy Tips and Free of Cost but you will have to follow these Regularly Everyday to get Results.
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