I am Suffering From Many Diseases Due to Excessive Use of Computer

I am running my own online business due to which it is necessary for me to spend many hour only daily. I spend more than 10 hour daily on my Laptop Computer. I started my own online business almost 18 months or one and half year ago. Today after 18 months i am suffering from several types of painful diseases due to excessive use of Computer daily. Following are the diseases i am suffering from.

1 Pain in Eyes.
2 Stress and Depression.
3 Pain in Body Joints

These are the three main diseases i am suffering from. So i  would suggest all those who spends too much time on Computer that don't spend so much time on Computer. Try to take breaks while using Computer so that your eyes remain healthful. Take exercise and morning walk daily so that your body remain strong.  Remember Health is also important like Money so don't lose your health for money.
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