Major Signs That a Heart Attack Is Near

Heart attack has became on of the common reason of deaths these all over the world specially in those parts of the world where people eats more spicy fat foods and don't do walk and exercise. Today Heart diseases are more than ever in the history and more people are getting heart attacks than ever before. Today life is busy and fast due to which most of people don't have much time to think about their health. Many people are also careless about what they are eating and all this has caused massive increase in heart attacks.  There are several signs of heart attack and if these signs exists in you then you may also be hit by heart attack in near future. Following i am sharing these signs. if these signs also exists in you then its time to worry and take steps to stop Heart attack before it arrives by leaving Spicy fat foods, doing exercise, stopping Smoking and drinking, eating more vegetables and ending your stress.

Feeling lots of pressure too often.
Feeling pain in left arm, neck and back.
Body feels weak too often
After going on bed the feeling of pain reduces but when you are back on work the pain increases again.

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