Red Meat Makes Your Bones Strong

Its popular about the Red Meat that it causes heart attack and Cancer in people and it is also true if its excessive use is done. But according to a latest research done in United Kingdom Red Meat is also useful for human health and it makes our bones more stronger.  Nutritionists of British Nutrition Foundation has found in the research that red meat is good for human body because it increases Iron in our body.  Its fact that eating excessive red meat causes many diseases  but eating it less will only benefit you.

The report of BNF also says that Eating more than 140g red meat per day is harmful so we should eat less meat than this.  If you are a man then eat less than 95g red meat daily and if you are a female than eat less than 60g red meat daily for getting its benefits.  Remember that Meat, Vegetables, Fruits and Milk are very Important for our body but we must eat use their right Quantity.
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