Main Benefits of Doing Exercise Regularly

Importance of Exercise is a topic about which thousands of Articles are written every month and reason for this is that Exercise is indeed really really Important for our body and health. Example of Exercise importance for our body is same as Petrol is important for a Motorcycle. Following i am going to share some main benefits of doing exercise.

1 Doing Exercise increasing energy of human body.  you can do your job with more power.
2 You can keep more mental force by doing regular exercise. your mind will work sharply and you will be able to remember things.
3 Exercise will make your body stronger. your bones your arms your legs will remain stronger.
4 Your Weight will remain normal.
5 The Chances of Heart attack will reduce in you.
6 Those who do Exercise regularly also don't suffer from breast cancer.
7 Your Stamina will increase by regular exercise.
8 it will bring better effects on your digest system.
9 there will less chances of back pain.
10 your blood flow will improve
11 it will put many good effects on your body. 
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