Doing eyes Exercises to remove eyes strain due to computer use

These days when Computers, Mobiles and TV are become very common and providing us several benefits the have also created many problems and diseases specially for eyes because eyes plays major role in their use. Many people use Computer many hours regularly due to which their eyes starts feeling strain and other problems.but there are some wonderful Exercises for eyes which you can try regularly to get rid of eyes strain. i myself use Compute many hours a day due to which my eyes started feeling strain. Later on a Doctor told me some Exercises to remove strain of my eyes. I stared trying those Exercises regularly and they really helped me in getting rid of eyes strain. Following are some of those eyes Exercises.

1 Concentrate on a point 20 feet away for 2 minutes. by doing this Exercise focal length of your eyes will change which will remove strain of your eyes.
2 Second Exercises is very simple. Just close your eyes and keep both of your hands on your eyes for few minutes but remember that your eyes must not be toward computer will doing this Exercises.
3 Third Exercises is that keep Concentrate a point on your finger then bring finger towards your eyes. after it move your finger to right side but keep Concentrate on that point of your finger and then move you finger to left side.
try these three Exercises and they will help you greatly in removing strain of your eyes. you can try these exercises daily. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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