Regular Exercise good for Mind and Body

today i will be discussing another important issue that is required for good health and happy life. Today's life is very fast and everyone is busy having no time to look after his health. Specially in our part of world people give not much importance to their health issues. Health specialists says that doing regular exercise is very important for Body as well as human mind. according to a research done the patients of heart diseases who done regular exercise 95% of them felt themselves fit and healthy and their way of thinking become positive and diseases of Heart not effected them again.

doing Regular Exercise is not only good for body and mind but it also controls the weight which can cause many more diseases. Due to Regular Exercise hydrogen goes out of kidneys and oxygen increases. This oxygen includes in blood and makes it clean. with regular exercise your body will become strong and pain in parts of body will end. another important thing to remember is that after doing Exercise leave your body easy for 5 minutes and then do your works.daily do walk for 15 minutes as well which will be good for your health. these days we hear many people having heart diseases and most of times reason is simple these people don,t move much and keep on sitting after eating heavy food. This thing seriously effects your heart and body. so must do Regular Exercise for good health and mind. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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