Restrict yourself for a good Health

According to Health Experts the purpose of eating is not just fulfilling the requirements of our Body which keeps us alive but the taste, enjoyment and color of food are also important. the real point is that we enjoy the food but it must also be healthful for us. it is not necessary that you stop eating those things that you like to make your food healthful but you will have to Restrict yourself from eating too much and too often some foods. According to health experts there are some necessary vitamin and other things that our body requires that it gets from different foods.

There is not a single food exist that contains all those required elements of our body so it is necessary for us to eat different types of foods but we need to some of them less and some of them more. These foods are Bread, potato, Fruits, Milk, Meat, Fish, Vegetables and some other foods. you need to keep on changing your food among these. i mean don,t just continue to eat Vegetables and never eat Meat but sometimes eat Vegetables and sometimes Meat by changing foods requirements of your body will be filled properly.i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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