Taking Care of Teeth Health is necessary for Good smile

Smiling is part of every person's life and every person smiles several times daily but this smile looks even more attractive and Beautiful if it is with Beautiful, Charming and Healthy teeth. So its necessary to keep your Teeth healthy and clean for a good smile and over all health. If your Teeth will not be clean your smile will not look good and it also cause you many other problems like pain of teeth, smell of mouth and different mouth diseases. These are the teeth whom we use to speak and to eat so its very important to give importance to them.

If some of your teeth are broken you can,t break food into small pieces correctly with directly effects your stomach. the work which was to be done by teeth now it will be done by stomach so it will effect the health of your stomach. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy has several benefits and some of them are already mentioned above. So for the health of your teeth you must clean your teeth twice a day. clean your teeth correctly in up down direction not straight. use correct toothbrush and toothpaste to brush teeth. Change your toothbrush after every month. you can also use Miswak for clean and healthy teeth. using Miswak has several natural benefits for teeth and it is also Sunnah of Prophet Muhamad Saw to use Miswak. Drink milk and avoid tea for health of your teeth. the tips i have mentioned above are enough for clean and healthy teeth so follow them. I hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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