Pressureful Job is harmful for Mind

Health specialists has said that such jobs that puts pressure on your nervous directly effects the health of a person which increases the chances of heart attack very much. a health magazine European heart has issued a report about it. People who are less than 50 years old and do such jobs that are Pressureful  for mind according to research in such people chances of heart attack are 70% more as compare to a normal man. due to pressure many chemical changes starts to take place in body that effects our health.

in the research it is found that pressure during work has a strong relation with the diseases of heart. in the research it was also found that the people who are near retirement and have a big age in them there is less pressure of work due to which less diseases of heart where found in them. when a person is doing Pressureful job he also can,t take care of his food and health due to which their health is even more effected. so if you want to live a happy life free of heart diseases find such job which is less pressureful and take care of your health and food. Even if you find a job in which you get less salary but it is less pressureful it will be better for you. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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