Remaining hungry and thirsty for long time effects health and age

Health experts have always declared eating less than need effects the health very much. not eating required food also causes different types of diseases just like eating more than need. but according to an latest research done it is found that remaining hungry and thirsty also reduces age of person gradually. a report issued by an Italian organization remaining hungry for a long time seriously effects the health with effects mind body and also reduces the age. we often hear it that eating too much effects our health but latest research has proved the dangerous effects of remaining hungry and thirsty.

in the report it is said that a person who remains hungry three to four hours after feeling the hunger is actually killing his health and the people who gives break of 8 hours between two foods are effected by diseases too early. Large no of people specially women in Europe remains hungry for remaining smart but this report says that up to a limit remaining hungry can make you healthful but doing it for a long time is dangerous for health. when human stomach is free it needs food and if food is not provided to it the proteins of the body starts burning and this process badly effects the health. so the conclusion is that don,t eat too less don,t eat too much and don,t give too much break in too foods. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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