Anxiety a dangerous Problem

Anxiety is considered a normal problem  by most of people some even don,t consider it a disease. there are two types of anxiety. one type of anxiety is normal and almost all people suffer from it. But second type of Anxiety is very dangerous which effects our life as well as health very badly. now i will talk about some of the signs of anxiety and how to cope with it. a person who is suffering from anxiety always likes others to like all his matters and that person cannot accept anyone opposing his matters. a misconception in people is that anxiety and depression are same thing no they are different but depression comes due to anxiety.

some more signs of anxiety are that the person who is suffering from it sometimes feels succinctness in taking  breath. sometimes feels pain in his body and likes eating many sweat things. Life of such person is not normal he always feels some type of fear and never feels safe. Such person also always things about negative side of a thing. Later on anxiety can cause many other diseases and badly effect our health. it can also cause heart attack. i myself was having anxiety which strongly effected my life and health.such person quickly contact Doctor. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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