Mechanical Heart invented

According to World Health organization every year more than 7 Million people dies all over the world just due to diseases of Heart. Specially in present Fast busy life Diseases of Heart are increasing. Many People eats lots of oily things and meat but don,t take Exercises which brings many heart diseases in them. Yesterday My own Young Teacher was suffering from Heart pain when he want to Doctor the reason Doctor told was not doing Exercise and keep on sitting all the time.

 In all this different conditions Medical Scientist have invented a Mechanical Heart which can help in ending the Death due to disease of Heart. The Name of this Mechanical Heart is Heart Pump and the person on whom first of all this Heart Pump is used is a 78 years old man Richard Steve. This Heart Pump is kept in Breast of Richard which continues to circulation of blood in his body. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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