Vegetables a big source of Vitamins

Vegetables are a big source of providing Vitamins to our body that are necessary for a good Health and body. the benefits of Vegetables are even accepted by big Doctors, Researches and scientists. Dr Adward Smith says for power and energy of our body the things that are required all of them are found in Vegetables. Dr Henry Tomsan says all natural needs of our body can be fulfilled by vegetables. Dr James Saliks says to keep the power of our body vegetables are very important and useful.

Vegetables are tasty and cheap which fulfills all needs of our body. They contains lots of Vitamins. Vitamins are so important for our health that shortage of them stops growth of our body, reduces our weight, effects our eyesight and even effects our nerves. there are many other problems that shortage of Vitamins causes.  Lots of people keep on eating meat which can really effect their health. But there are also some people who just eat Vegetables they are also doing wrong. Meat and Vegetables both have benefits and both are necessary for our body. so we must eat both vegetables and meat but concentrate more on vegetables. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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