Eating sweets again and again can become your weakness and need

we often see many people love to eat more than need but many people also love to eat too much sweets. Some people demand sweets after every meal and they even eat sugar if they don,t find other sweet thing to eat. it becomes their habit and then it becomes their weakness more than habit and after eating it they feels some power for some times and if they don,t get something sweet to eat they feels weakness.

It becomes like a drug for a person and he cannot live without eating it. But if a person starts eating too much sweets as it becomes his habit but it also starts effecting your body and health slowly. as i said above that person feels well for a few minutes after eating sweets but it also effects his body and health. it effects every system of the body. it is very necessary to control our sweets need and don,t eat too much sweats for a good body and health. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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