Using Internet a big reason of Depression

Where internet is providing us so much benefit we can do shopping sitting in our house, can do business on internet, can know whats happening around the Globe it has also some demerits. according to a latest research using Internet can bring disease of Depression in you. specially women can be effected by depression due to use of internet. i have already discussed few days ago one of my post how dangerous depression is and how much it effects human health and his life.

The research was done in American university in which it proved that internet can effect our mind because it is an unusual, unconfirmed  and comparatively slow way of providing us information which can bring depression in a human. this research also proved that women are more effected by internet as compare to men. internet effects nervous of human mind which cause depression in them while surfing the internet. i myself use internet many hours daily and it really effected my health. there are more steps needed to be taken to make Internet safe for human health.  i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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