Blood Donors: minimum 16 and maximum 68 years

Currently you must have at least 18 years and a maximum of 65. Now the Ministry of Health extends the age range of donors.

Remember that minors can volunteer only with the consent of parents or legal guardians. With this expansion, the Ministry of Health plans to increase from 3.5 million donations per year to 4 million.

Only in this way to gradually reach the recommendation of the World Health Organization: 1.5% to 3% of the population to donate. Here, we have 1.9% of the population being donor, with the measure, expected to reach 2.1%.

Almost half (46%) of our donors are among the group of 18 to 29 years.

The recommendations to volunteer, even with the extended range, remain the same. Good health and weight over 50 pounds are the basic requirements.
Can not give people who have had hepatitis after 10 years of age, pregnant or lactating, drug users, people exposed to blood-borne diseases (AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis and Chagas' disease) or who had sexual intercourse with several partners in the last twelve months.

On the day of donation, not on an empty stomach, and have enjoyed a good night's sleep without drinking alcohol from 12 hours before.
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