Women and men are still viewed differently in the labor market

Launched recently by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the report "Equality at work: a continuing challenge" gives an overview of very important issues and world to achieve equality in the market.

On the positive side, the world became more aware of the need to overcome discrimination, there is more legislation and institutional initiatives. However, the prolonged economic crisis exposed structural weaknesses in combat.

The United Nations said the minister Iriny Lopes, the Special Secretariat for Policies for Women, was one of the representatives of the Brazilian government during the 100th International Labour Conference, in which event the report was discussed.

Iriny took the opportunity to draw attention to the opportunity to approve the Convention / Recommendation on Home Work, believes it is still characterized by insecurity.

"(...) The category of domestic workers accounted for 15.8% of total national employment of women in 2008, which corresponds, in numerical terms, the 6.2 million women."

Regarding gender equality, the data show that there are 829 million women in poverty around the world, while the equivalent figure in the case of men, is 522 million.

Among them the salaries match, on average, 70-90% of men's wages. Overall (including not only the difference between the sexes) the main area of ​​concern in the report is that of access to employment.

The International Labour Conference, which this year celebrates its centenary is held every year during the month of June.
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