What your dentist can only see

After a dentist from Chicago, USA, announce that you can get a cavity of another person, this is one more reason for you to visit the dentist regularly.

The recommendation is that the dentist is made twice a year. Because some oral problems take time to come the annoyances, this is the time interval between queries so that the professional can intervene quickly, hardly any problem is diagnosed.

Cavities are caused by bacteria that adhere to teeth and enjoy what's left of his last meal, one consequence is degeneration of the teeth.

Children are more vulnerable to the problem, it is true, and studies show that most of them contracted the bacteria from people nearby, for example when the mother decides to try the baby food, explains the dentist of Chicago, Margaret Mitchell, The New York Times. Studies also indicate transmission between couples.

The recommendations are those basic, frequent use of proper brushing and flossing. Because cavities can be transmitted person to person, worth having to be more careful with their oral health.

Finally, optical illusions to show things that only your dentist can see in a campaign of the Dental Association of Canada (Canadian Dental Association), created by DDB in Vancouver.
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