9 most Important Health tips

Health is a very or perhaps most important for maintaining good health you have to follow some things and keep yourself away from somethings. Following are nine most important health tips if you will follow these its a guarantee by me  that it will help you greatly in improving your health and taking you away from diseases so follow these because these are free hehehe.

1 move your body much. everyday try to move your body maximum. you can walk with your friends or children.
2 leave such foods or things that make you fat. fatness is not good for a good health.
3 if you smoke leave it immediately every time you smoke it is decreasing your life.
4 try to reduce your stress. one of the thing which helps me in ending my stress is offering prayers 5 times a day.
5 try to keep yourself away from the pollution. pollution can effect your health.
6 leave drinking wine it also effects your health badly.
7 always wear your car seat belt it will also help you for good health.
8 keep yourself clean internally and externally. take shower daily. clean your teeths daily.
9 sleep early and get up early. if you will sleep early and get up early it will greatly help you to maintain good health.
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