Important Tips for Healthful Teeths

Teeths are one of the most important blessings for us by God. How many benefits we gets from these teeths. Leave eating aside when you smile you white and healthful teeths makes your smile more good. looking for the health of your teeths is very important. Many people don,t take care of their teeths and later on face different diseases. today i am going to discuss some important tips how to keep your teeths healthful and beautiful.

1 After some time keep on visiting your dentist he will keep on giving all the important oral hygiene tips.
2 Cleaning your teeths at least twice a day. once before sleeping.
3 keep on changing your toothpaste after 4 months.
4 Flossing is also important for Teeths health
5 next tip is Eating properly and proper diet.
6 and my last tip for you is keeping yourself away from tobacco  it badly effects your teeth. and also many other things like this Paan, Chalia etc.
if you follow these simple six tips your teeths will always be healthful and your smile will look more better because of your good teeths. i hope that my post was useful for you.
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