Some important tips to saving yourself from Air Pollution

Air Pollution one of the biggest reason of effecting our healths. Air Pollution continues to effect our bodies within and we don,t know. its very important to take maximum step to safe yourself from Air Pollution for which i am going to share some important tips while on big level the Governments of different countries will have to think about it.

Following are some of the important tips saving you from Air Pollution:

1 keep yourself away from smoke. don,t ever think of smoking and if someone else is smoking don,t sit near him.

2 Minimize the driving your car because whenever you drive your car you are increasing Air Pollution so try maximum to do less driving. don,t use such Vehicles which leaves too much smoke.

3 Don,t burn fire without necessary need some people burn fire just for enjoyment its wrong.

4 keep latest updates of forecast and try to avoid areas where smog is a problem.

if you follow the above tips they will greatly help you in protecting you from Air Pollution there are many other ways  as well for controlling Air Pollution which i will try to discuss in my future posts.
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