Important Points about hair fall

Hair fall is a major problem in many people Men as well as many Women. Hairs are very important for our good personality. Hairs make us look attractive but many people lose their hairs due to different reasons. many people have misconception that their hairs will stop falling by using a good shampoo. it is not true. there are 22 different reasons that can cause hair fall from your head. if you hairs are falling due to dandruff then they can stop with use of good shampoo but what about other reasons.

so to get rid of hair fall first you will have to know why your hairs are falling. a reason that is very common these days for hair fall is stress. yes your hairs can also fall due to hair and use of good shampoo will not stop them from falling if they are falling due to stress you will have to get rid of stress to stop hair fall. the purpose of creating this post by me was that first you will have to find that why your are falling and then do something to stop it. i hope that my post was useful for all the readers.
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